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Jill Biden Complains in Front of Donors in Nantucket: “Every Time You Turn Around” Joe Facing another Crisis

Jill Biden
Jill Biden promotes Covid vaccines and takes part in political rallies - but only when her college professor schedule allows. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

On Saturday, while giving a speech at a fundraiser in Nantucket, the first lady griped in front of donors.

Speaking about her husband, President Joe Biden, the first lady seemed saddened by what was happening to the world during his presidency.

“He had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,” she said.

At the Democrat National Committee fundraiser, Biden addressed around twenty people, setting aside her prepared remarks for a frank discussion.

“He’s just had some many things thrown his way,” she said. “Who would have ever thought about what happened … Roe v Wade? Well, maybe we saw it coming, but still, we didn’t believe it.”

She also said Biden was unable to predict a war in Ukraine.

“The gun violence in this country is absolutely appalling,” she continued. “We didn’t see the war in Ukraine coming.”

As per Breitbart, the first lady complained that she had anticipated working on topics like cancer, military families, and community colleges.

“They were supposed to be my areas of focus. But then when we got (there) I had to be, with all that was happening, the first lady of the moment,” she said, recalling her trips to Wauseka, Wisconsin after a man targeted a Christmas parade with his car and her trip to Ukraine to visit the first lady there.

However, Jill Biden asserted that her husband was the right person to lead the nation during these trying times.

She used strong language to describe the results of the 2020 presidential election, calling Trump supporters “evil.”

Voters who supported her husband, she explained, “I think they chose him, at least in my mind, maybe yours as well, because it was a choice between good and evil.”

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