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Pineapple Piper Juice with Sweet Potatoes and Oranges


1 pineapple
1 sweet potato
4 oranges


  • To cut pineapple for juicing, remove top and bottom.
  • If not organically grown, stand vertical and remove skin. Cut in slices, including the core and pass through the juicer.
  • Learning how to choose a sweet pineapple may take some practice.
  • Your pineapple ought to have a strong, sweet aroma. Look for a large plump, heavy fruit.
  • The leaves should easily pull out.
  • The skin should be a dark golden color. The summer is prime pineapple season because the sun is at its strongest.
  • Jet-shipped or jet-fresh are more expensive, but have been flown from the field a day or two before you eat them.
  • The majority of pineapples is shipped by sea and are often months old. Always keep pineapples at room temperature unless cut

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