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Jillian Clare Cuts 20th Birthday Cake Today

Jillian Clare Birthday Cake

Jillian Clare Birthday CakeThe sweet Jillian Clare of Miss Behave has turned 20 years old on her birthday today. She was born on July 25, 1992 in Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Jillian Clare is an award winning actress and singer known for her role on Days of our Lives and also for her lead role Victoria “Tori” Archer on series Miss Behave.  She got in stage career just at the age of five years old and one year later appeared in original stage musical A Dream is a Wish. At the age of ten, she got a role in film Spider-Man and also for her voice in Catch Me if You Can.

Jillian Clare’s has also sung for the Soap Sessions 8 Christmas CD along with many others for children.
Have a happy birthday Jillian Clare.

Photo by MINIOTPhoto by: MiniotImage Source: Wheel by Miniot / InstagramPhoto Credit: Cottonbro Studio/PexelsPhoto Credit: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

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